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Board of Trustees

Please contact for questions regarding the RSF Education Foundation or refer to personal emails in the school directory. 

Board of Trustees
Position   Name

RSFEF Co Chairs


Ashley Haase/Sally O'Toole



Karalee Eatros

Annual Giving Co Chairs


Ashley Haase

Endowment Chair


Tom Vieira

Endowment Vice-Chair


Edna Munoz-Lash

Parent Volunteer Chair


Sally O'Toole

Parent Volunteer Vice-Chair


Shalice Rich

Parent Volunteer At-Large   Courtney Svajian

Communications Co-Chair

  Hillary Barber

Communications Co-Chair



Community Partners Chair


Katherine Wormmeester

Community Partners Vice Chair


Kerri Hinds

Community Partners Vice Chair


Lindsay Scripp

Finance Chair


Diane Solomon

At Large - Annual Giving


Kerry Vinci

At Large - Community Partners



Middle School Liaison


Jess Boss/Jess Swann

Room Parent Liaison   Kathryn Cavanah

Non - Voting Positions



Superintendent Ex-Officio

  Kim Pinkerton

School Board Representative Ex-Officio


 Jee Manghani

RSFEF Funding Manager


Allison Oppeltz