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Music Department

At Roger Rowe we are proud to offer an award winning before school music program.


For 16 years we've been successfully growing our Strings program and your choices of instruments are classical violin, viola cello or double bass. 

For first comers we have our Beginner Strings group , which you can join as early as 2nd grade - that is the only instrumental group that can start at such a tender age.

Bowed strings traditionally take a bit more time to learn, because of the coordination patterns required to master an instrument itself and the bow. So it is one of the most effective activities to develop exceptional fine tuning between your mind and body.

Beginner strings meet 3 times a week : Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday before school at 7am.

With only one year of playing experience you can join our intermediate & advance group : Orchestra. 

This group offers a classical chamber orchestra experience (20-30 players) with a wide range of music styles in our repertoire selection from American traditional, World fiddling tunes and all classical from baroque period to modern contemporary pieces selection.

We specially encourage you to join us if your child arrives at Roger Rowe with previous experience in other string ensembles across the nation - this will bring a unique opportunity of leadership and special music interaction for the younger grades.

Our Orchestra meets twice a week before school:

Monday 7:45  and Thursday 7am.