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For Parent Technical Support, please contact Jamil Soltani

Technology services include mobile device management, support for our learning management system, student information system and much more. 

In kindergarten through fourth grade, students have access to iPads in each classroom for personalized learning, creativity, and collaborating. In grades 5-8, each student is issued a device for use during the school year. The devices are used both at school and at home. 

The PowerSchool student information system is where you will find information regarding your child’s schedule, attendance, and report cards. Once you have provided a valid e-mail address on the emergency card to the school office in person and completed all enrollment requirements, an activation code and instructions will be provided to you for to create your PowerSchool account. Please note that initial account creation is intended to be completed on a desktop computer, not a mobile device.

Students, parents and teachers use Schoology as our learning management system. Schoology serves as the primary communication and learning tool for 5th through 8th grade students and parents. Grades K-4 teachers use e-mail and Seesaw as the primary communication tool with parents. 5-8 teachers post announcements, homework, calendar items and online learning assignments on Schoology. 5-8 parents can receive class announcements and news through Schoology via email, text message, and other supported platforms. Schoology also provides an app for iOS and Android available in the iTunes store and the Google Play store.

Recognizing that technology is an integral component in education and contributes to and promotes life-long learning, the RSF Education Foundation and the School District sponsor our educational technology program. Each classroom is equipped with hardware and software that enables teachers and students to share and have access to electronic resources. Student computer skills such as keyboarding, word processing, online safety, multi-media authoring, and project-based learning are taught at every grade level. School Logistics (continued) 22 In addition to computers in the classrooms, our Computer Labs are comprised of current computer technology. Students use the labs for individual and collaborative writing, developing and creating electronic projects, whole-class instruction, and publishing activities related to curriculum concepts for audiences inside and outside the classroom. Through the use of the Internet, multimedia authoring, and curriculum-based software, students will be better prepared for the challenges they will face in secondary education and beyond. Student use of technology is determined by their compliance with the “Acceptable Use Policy for Technology.” ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY: Students must comply with the “Acceptable Use Policy for Technology.” They are responsible for using appropriate behavior in the Computer Lab, just as they are in a classroom or any other school setting; general school rules for behavior apply. Students are advised never to access, save, or send anything they would not want their teachers or parents to see. In order to access technology at school, all students must abide by Board Policy 5028. Please review this policy on the district website under Technology and in the Board Policies. For more information about our school and our ed-tech program, please visit our web site at or contact Jamil Soltani, Director of Technology by using the “Tech Support” menu under “For Parents” on the District website.

Use the PowerSchool student information system to see information for your child. Use Schoology on the Web or via the app to see class-specific information regarding your child.

Jamil Soltani

Director of Technology
Main: (858) 756-1141 ext. 406

Fax: (858) 759-0912 
Mailing: P.O. Box 809 
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 
Shipping: 5927 La Granada 
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067