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Middle School Drama Program



7th and 8th Grade Students have many opportunities to take different Drama electives based on their interests.

Advanced Drama Elective: Advanced Drama is a year-long elective focusing on a variety of different theater styles and projects including performing in one-act plays, skits and improvisation. Students will be able to create their own characters and scripts and see them come to life on stage in front of their peers. Students will learn various acting techniques and vocabulary that will help enhance their performance skills on stage. Students in Advanced Drama will be performing in three major plays throughout the year including a play based on a classic piece of literature, a hilarious mystery/comedy, and a modern twist on one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies.

Enrichment Classes: Drama enrichment classes are held each trimester and students can elect to be in more than one based on what their interests are.

Film Acting: Students will learn the ropes of creating an acting resume, learn elements of film acting and the differences between stage and film acting. At the end of the trimester, students will have created an original T.V. series pilot episode to debut for the middle school.

Improvisation: Students will understand the many different methods of improvisation by creating a multitude of characters, plot lines, and plot twists each week. Their imagination and creativity will be challenged each class as they develop their acting skills through improvisational skits and acting exercises.

Introduction to Acting: Students will learn the fundamentals of acting and the history of theater through re-enacting different theater styles. Throughout the trimester, they will be acting in various short comedic and dramatic skits in front of their peers and will create their own characters and skits to perform in class.

Technical Theater: This Enrichment class if for students who love the theater, but feel that their place on the stage is actually behind it. Elements of set design and building as well as lighting and sound design and implementation are learned in this class as students create many different backdrops, props, and set pieces for our Drama program as well as learning how to program a lighting and sound scheme for various performances.

If you have any questions about the K-8th grade Drama Program, please email Heidi Moreno at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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